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Profile Analysis

Analysing the profile is a vital part to be carried out to look in detail about the education qualification, achievements, internship, work experience, area of interest and any additional qualification. It will give the consultants an opportunity to analyse in detail and provide proper advice for the students.

Career Counselling

Taking an in-depth view of the profile of the student, We provide a proper roadmap for the student where they can communicate about their goals and achievements.So we can finalize the career path which will help the student to reach their desire field.

Course Selection

Selection of the course depends on various factors which include the aspiration of the students and goals they intend to achieve in their field of interest. Some students might think of getting into a different stream from the one which they have studied earlier or would have gained experience. All the options will be provided and students can choose the program of their choice.

We also check with the international office with particular Universities whether the student is eligible to apply for the course which will help the student to make informed decision.

Students will be made informed on each and every part of the consultants (add to ) progress in relation with their application.

‘Study Ireland’ consultants will advise on the courses which have a huge demand for jobs in Ireland. They will also advice on some unique courses which has good potential in Ireland.

This will help the students to make decisions to select an appropriate course in order to achieve their future goals.

University Profiling

There are several Universities, Institutes and colleges for which a student will be interested. Different institutions have different entry requirements for the courses. Our consultants will provide a detailed explanation on the requirements related to academics, English language, work experience and related information. We will match the universities according to the students profile and provide with the suitable options. In addition we can connect with the previous students in the University where the applicant can get information about the University or institute in detail, course syllabus, placement opportunities and demand for the professionals after course completion.

SOP Preparation

SOP is an important piece of document for a student application. It gives the ‘course co-ordinator’ an understanding of the academic back ground and interests. ‘Study Ireland’ consultants will provide with the necessary supports for preparing SOP. We will provide several ‘SOP’ samples where the student can take references from them and start drafting accordingly as per the course of interest and their goals what they want to achieve upon completion of course. We will make necessary changes to ‘Draft SOP’ prepared by the student and advise them of any changes which is required.  Some Universities require SOP which is mandatory for application submission. Some institutes and colleges don’t require an SOP for application submission however an SOP will always be an asset for the application.

Points to Be Noted On SOP:

  • Add something here Academic and extracurricular achievements, skills, Hobbies with milestones.

  • What’s your future goal? How the course you’re going to join will help you in achieving the goals?

  • Getting to know more about the department and University in particular. Put the knowledge and related skills which you have developed in the past can relate to the modules in the course which you intend to study.

  • If you intend to pursue PHD after completing the course, you can mention (write ) the importance of completing the course.

  • Any particular instance (achievements) should be simple & sleek and try to avoid writing long paragraphs. It should be to the point.

  • USP (Unique selling point) will make you stand-out of the crowd and can give the programme co-ordinator a positive thought on the applicant.

  • Sequencing is vital part for an SOP and connecting the sentences should be as smooth as possible.

  • Any past achievements, goals, back ground, interest, and research should be realistic and try not to exaggerate about any particular instance.

  • Try to give much information on ‘When and where you have lead a team’ or ‘you have been guiding several people under your leadership’ to accomplish a specific task and what skills you have used to achieve those.

  • ‘Introduction’ is essential for the essay and it will set a tone for the reader. Bring your positiveness throughout the SOP and don’t cross the limit (5 – 6 lines) the most. Conclusion should not have any new points except try to consolidate the things what you have mentioned in the essay. You can mention about the ‘Obstacles’ you faced but try to bring in a positive note on how you were able to come out of it and achieve the goal.

  • ‘Reviewing’ the SOP is an important part as nothing could be right at the first time. You should read several times and try to find out the mistakes and rectify it. You can take a look at the word count to reduce if it has crossed the limit. At last you can ask friends to review it as they might be able to point out any mistakes which you might not be able to recognise. These mistakes can be rectified and read through the SOP again to give a final touch.

LOR Advice

Reference letter, recommendation letter or letter of recommendation is similar in terms.

Students need to submit LOR from the college where they have studied or from the work place. Most of the Universities require academic reference letter. It will provide admission officers with an insight on whether the candidate will be suitable for the course. ‘Study Ireland’ consultants will advise the students on the contents required in LOR and also the samples will be provided. Some Universities will send an email directly to references and they need to provide a confirmation on the same. Our trained consultants will provide you with various sample LOR’s which you can use it as reference..

Few Points To Note On LOR:

  • Official e-mail id of the person providing the reference letter should be there.

  • The Date should be mentioned on the letter.

  • LOR should be on a company letter-head with the seal and signature on it.

  • Academics – Try to get reference from the head of the department or professors who have

  • Work place – Reference from the Manager grade (level) or Team leader would be a preferred one.

  • LOR from the academics are accepted in most of the Universities and the work place references are second to the academic.

CV Editing And Preparation

Resume is an important document which shows the information about the academic qualification, certification, work experience, roles & responsibilities, achievements, Hobbies and Interest. The information should be crisp and clear. ‘Study Ireland’ consultants will guide you with CV preparation and they will advise you on any corrections if required to be made. We will provide you a lot of quality samples where you can take required inputs and use it as reference.

Academic Docs

Academic documents are required to be attached with the application. The documents will be reviewed by the ‘Course’ or ‘Programme co-ordinator’.  Apart from the docs listed below, they might request the candidate to submit additional documents to support the application. ‘Study Ireland’ consultants will help you out in advising on the documentation which is deemed necessary for the application to get processed.

List Of Docs Required:

  • 10thStd Mark sheet.

  • 12thStd mark sheet.

  • Diploma mark sheet.

  • Semester wise mark sheet.

  • Consolidated mark sheet.

  • Degree certificate.

  • Academic transcript (if requested by the University).

  • IELTS /TOEFL/PTE score card.

  • Passport copy (Front and Back scanned).

  • SOP (Statement of purpose).

  • LOR (Letter of Recommendation).

  • CV (Resum.


  • All the docs should be scanned properly which should be clear and visible. Please avoid Mobile scanner

  • All the docs should be scanned properly which should be clear and visible. Please avoid Mobile scanner

Application Submission & University Follow-up

‘Study Ireland’ consultants will help you out with application submission. We have an agent portal from where we file the application for our students with specific Universities, Institutes and colleges. Some Universities will charge an application fee and the institutes & the colleges will not charge an application fee. On submitting the application,our consultants will followup with the universities. Any updates received will be communicated by our consultant with the students. In some cases the university coordinator might request for additional document which our consultant will get those from the student and then update the same in the application portal.

The University might take 2 to 6 weeks to give a feedback on the application. In case of Institutions and Private independent institutions, the application processing time is shorter     and mostly within 1 to 3 week period. ‘Study Ireland’ consultants will keep an eye on the updates and intimate the candidates on the same.

The applicant might need to complete assessments for certain universities where our consultants will advise on the procedure to do the same.

Education Loan Assistance

Education Loan is a vital part for a student to finance their studies. We have arrangements with certain banks and financial institutions which provide education loan for the students. We will help you to get connected with the particular loan providers according to your need. Also we assist with the documentary procedure for applying Loan. Some of the leading international education loan providers are State Bank of India (SBI), Andra Bank (AB), Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), Indian Bank and other Public sector bank. There are many private banks and financial institutions which include Axis bank, ICICI Bank, HDFC Credila, Avanse Education Loan to name a few.

The documentary Requirement of Public Sector Bank is higher compared to the private sector Bank.  In most of the PSB, the collateral document is not require for loans upto 7.5 Lakhs and in the case of private banks or financial institutions, the requirement of collateral document can be waved off up to the certain Loan amount which depends on the net worth of the students sponsor.

Study Ireland consultant will help you in getting the documents from the universities which is required for the loan application.

Visa Application

The major thing the students get afraid off is the ‘Visa’. ‘Study Ireland’ consultants will advise on ways to make the visa application process as simpler as possible. We speak with the students to get as much details as possible and then advise on the documentation part which is required for the application. Financial documents are an important part of the application process.

There are various documents related to financials like Fixed deposit receipts, education loan, insurance policy, Provident fund, postal savings, mutual fund redemption, share deposits retrieval, Accounts receivables, Government bonds and agricultural income certificates to name a few. Our consultants will be able to analyse the financials of the student’s family income in detail and then advise on the exact documentation what is required. There are online and offline application form which are required to fill by the student which our ‘Study Ireland’ consultants will be assisting on. Once all the documents are ready for submission with the embassy, we will check the documents in detail and then advise on if any corrections are required for modification.

Notes on Visa Application:

  • Give the accurate information. ​

  • Original documents should be submitted for verification. ​

  • Important: ‘False’ and ‘Fraudulent’ information should not be submitted. Utmost care should be taken by the student.

  • ‘Photograph’ should be affixed as per the guidelines issued by the immigration department.

  • It is important to Sign the documents wherever it’s necessary.

  • Apply well in advance for the visa as it will give enough time for the students to plan their travel arrangements.

  • All education qualification related docs should be submitted with notarized copies if required.

  • Any ‘Visa’ refusals should be declared without hiding.

  • ‘Misrepresentation’ in the visa docs is an offence which will result in rejection of visa and may also disqualify the candidate from applying for visa for a period of time.

  • 10. Any information specified on the visa application should be supported by valid documents. It is important to submit all the documents else the visa decision might get delayed.


  • In the case of ‘Approval in principle’ scheme, the students who are yet to receive the final exam results can submit the visa applications to the embassy. The visa office shall make the decision on the basis of other docs and once the ‘pending docs’ are submitted, the visas will be approved.

  • Visa applications for Sep intake should be submitted well in advance as the number of the student applications will be more.

Travel Advice Including Medical Insurance

The Study Ireland consultant will help you out with the travel arrangements and they will also guide you on the best way to reduce the travel cost. We have also partnered with Forex providers for getting the best possible FX rates for currency conversion. We will advise on travel&medical insurance where the student can purchase at a cheaper cost which is mandatory on arrival at the country of destination. Anything unexpected can happen any time and so medical insurance are vital for the student in case of emergencies as the cost will be higher in developed countries.


  • There are different medical insurance policies and our consultants will provide guidance on picking the right one as per the requirement.

  • Do not book Air tickets until the visa gets approved.

  • Students are requested to take the medication while travelling with proper ‘Medical Prescription’ provided by the Surgeon.

Accommodation Assistance

Finding an accommodation is a challenging part for the student. ‘Study Ireland’ consultants will advise you with the list of accommodation options available.

Part-time And Full-time Jobs Advise

Students are allowed to work for 20 hours/ week during academic term and 40 hours/week during Holidays. As per the immigration advice, the classification is shown below.

Student references and networking

We can provide the references of the students who are already studying in Ireland so the students can get in-depth information of the particular University and the course they are going to study. Some of the students might have completed the course and would be working with the firms and we can connect with them as well.


Application process is completely transparent where the student will be informed on each and every step of the application. In case of application fee payment, the student will be provided with the login credentials so they can make the payment themselves. The students can also contact the University directly quoting the reference number if they require additional clarification.

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