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Saravana Kumar

Co-Founder and CEO of Study in Ireland

About Saravana Kuma & Study In Ireland

Saravana Kumar is the Co-Founder and CEO of Study in Ireland, a leading education consultancy firm that specializes in guiding students to pursue world-class educational opportunities in Ireland. With over 10 years of experience in the field, Saravana plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless and efficient processes to help Indian students secure placement in top Irish universities. His deep expertise and commitment to excellence enable him to provide personalized guidance, ensuring that each student finds the perfect academic fit aligned with their aspirations and career goals.

Saravana Kumar’s expertise lies in meticulously evaluating student profiles and placing them in the most suitable universities and courses in Ireland, leveraging his deep knowledge of the Irish education system and the specific strengths of various institutions.

With a deep understanding of the Irish education landscape and a commitment to excellence, Saravana has built a team of experienced counselors and support staff who work tirelessly to provide personalized guidance to every Indian student. Under his operational leadership, Study in Ireland offers end-to-end solutions, from profile evaluation and course selection to application assistance, visa documentation, and post-arrival support.

Saravana’s expertise lies in streamlining the firm’s operational workflows, fostering strong partnerships with top Irish universities and colleges, and maintaining robust quality control measures. His attention to detail and commitment to transparency ensure that students receive direct communication from their chosen institutions and a smooth transition to their new academic environment.

Beyond the admissions process, Saravana’s operational acumen extends to providing comprehensive post-arrival services. His team assists students with accommodation, part-time job opportunities, networking events, and addressing any concerns that may arise during their studies in Ireland.

With a deep passion for education and a dedication to operational excellence, Saravana Kumar and the entire Study in Ireland team strive to make the overseas study experience a seamless and rewarding journey for every student seeking to pursue their academic dreams. With his leadership and the dedicated team at Study in Ireland, over 1,000 students have received counselling guidance and support. The company embraces the opportunity to provide service for even more students in the future.

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