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College and Visa Application Guidance
Health Insurance - Benefit 6
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Reasons to Study in Ireland

Global Rank – Top 2.5% of Universities
    • Majority of the Master’s Program offered by the Universities are Internationally recognized.
Life Style – Part time employment opportunities
    • Be it a Job On/Off campus, you can earn a minimum of 11.3 euros per hour.
Graduate Visa – 2 Years to find a Job
    • Irish law allows you to stay in Ireland for 2 years after completing the Masters in Ireland to find a full time permanent Job.
Affordable Tuition Fee – With high quality of the education.
    • Compared to the US and UK, the tuition fees is lesser.
Job Market – Always growing
    • With Brexit, Ireland became the only English speaking country in Europe and this means, all the fortune 500 companies in Ireland have expanded their operations in Ireland.
Security – Ireland Puts safety first.
    • Ireland remains one of the most peaceful countries in the world for an Immigrant. They have strict laws ensuring the safety and security of the students and foreigners.
Citizenship – Less cumbersome
    • You can get a citizenship in as minimum as 5-6 years of living in Ireland.
Top Courses to Study In Ireland

Have Questions about choosing a course (or)Struggling to make a decision

What Makes Us Unique

It’s normal for students to be worried as they get close to filing their applications and in that time, You don’t have to call your consultant, you can call our director & clarify it yourself.

Look at some of our Google reviews all about our director Mr.Sandeep who personally guided them during the difficult times.

Why Choose Study in Ireland

Relationships – Healthy tie-ups with all the Universities

    • With the trust, we have built over the years with these universities, we hold an advantage in admissions and scholarships to Study in Ireland.

Personal Experience – Our Director (Sandeep) lives in Ireland.

    • Our Director (Mr. Sandeep), like you was once a student who wished to study in Ireland, and after 8 years he now has a Masters and citizenship in Ireland. He can personally guide you all with his experiences and the knowledge of the local in all areas.

Visa Success Rate – 100%

    • We have processed over 1000+ applications so far and we have a 100% Visa success rate.

Scholarship Assistance – We push beyond your expectations.

    • Over 75% of our students have got scholarships upto 50% scholarship on the course fee.

On Time application submission

    • Having strong experience in this field allows us to submit our applications on time and the healthy relationships with the universities gives our the students the priority they need.
Course & University Guidance

Course and University Guidance

We can guide you choosing the right university and the right course according to your profile and your budget.

SOP and LOR Guidance

SOP and LOR Preparation

It is important to have the best possible SOP's and LOR's for your profile to get into the best universities. We can totally help you with it.

Resume and CV Guidance - One of the many benefits

Resume/CV Preparation

One of the important documents in the application process is the ability to sell our profile with a good CV. We can help you with it.

Education Loan Guidance

Educational Loan (No Interest Options)

We go an extra step to make sure our students are able to get the right educational loan and assist them with different options.

College and Visa Application Guidance

College and Visa Application

We make sure to validate the documents multiple time and make sure our students aren't stressed.

Health Insurance - Benefit 6

Health Insurance

Health Insurances are mandatory in Ireland and We make sure that our students get the best possible health insurance.

Accommodation in Ireland

Our Director Resides in Ireland and we have our old students as well, so make sure you find a place.

Contacts of Existing Students

We make sure that our students get the contacts of old students from the universities and ensure to create a good relationship between them.

How Our Students Benefit?

75% of our students have got scholarships upto 75% on the course fee. Having relationships with the university and knowing when and how and what scholarships to apply for really helped our students.

Get Scholarships by Applying through us Now.

Worried About Loan?

Don’t let that kill your dream to Study in Ireland.

We can guide you on what you need to do and can explain you on the other options that you have.


Can I get an application for Sep 2023, if I start now?

Yes, you still have time for it.

Do I need to pay any fees for your service at any time during my application?

No, we don't charge our students at any time for our service.

Can you help me apply for multiple universities in Ireland ?

Yes, ofcourse. We want you to get the best university for your profile.

Can I get assistance on Educational loan to Study In Ireland?

Yes, we can surely guide on that and we can also make you aware of the alternative methods.

Will you help me find an accommodation?

Our director resides in Ireland and also we hold a good relationship with all our students in Ireland. So, we can certainly help you find an accommodation.

Fly from India to Ireland Now.

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