Data Analytics​

Data Analytics

Be the next Bill gates by pursuing Masters in Data Analytics. Since this is one of the most sort after career options in recent past the scope of a skilled Data Scientist is huge and the supply is far less. If you have the ability to analyze and interpret data in a methodical approach, you can expect very high salary and perks even at the beginning level. Getting your chance to study Masters in Data Analytics in Ireland will open many opportunities for your bright future with 0% risk. Ireland has a strong reputation in software industry which makes it an ideal location to study MS in Data Analytics. As Data Analyst you would require to translate numbers and data in a language that will help companies to understand how to make better business decisions. According to Glassdoor survey big software companies like Google and others have huge vacancies for Data Analytics and offer lucrative packages from € 34,625 / yr. to € 55,000 / yr. depending on the experience. Ireland offers 2 years post study work permit and Permanent Residence ship to its students. Another survey also reveals that Data Analytics is the best job for the third consecutive year in America and Ireland alone will have 30000 new jobs by the end of year 2021.

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